Ronnie O’Sullivan Expresses Concern for Si Jiahui’s Career after Luca Brecel’s Comeback

The seven-time World Snooker Champion, Ronnie O’Sullivan, is among the top players who have expressed their worry about Si Jiahui’s loss in their third session. Speaking after the match, Ronnie has warned Si Jiahui of possible damage to his career if he doesn’t make it to the final. O’Sullivan’s concerns come after Luca Brecel won the final five frames of the third session to trail 14-10 in the semi-final match against Jiahui.

O’Sullivan dismissed the notion that fatigue played a role in Brecel’s partial comeback, instead suggesting that Jiahui’s inexperience may have been a factor. He stated that losing such a dominant lead, especially if Jiahui misses out on a spot in the final, could leave a “massive scar” on his career.

Being a new young player who came out of nowhere, Si Jiahui has been determined to make it to the world snooker championship semi-finals.  Speaking to BBC after the match, O’Sullivan acknowledged that it is not yet over! It is still challenging to determine or predict how Si will respond under pressure.

The Crucible Theatre is notorious for getting to players, and Brecel has shown that he still fancies his chances.

However, O’Sullivan remained optimistic about Jiahui’s prospects, saying,  “He’s only twenty. He’s in top form. His performance is incredible. The surge of adrenaline that floods the body is an extraordinary sensation. He could go without sleep for days when he’s all amped up. That does not provide a satisfactory answer for his lack of optimal performance.”

Jimmy White, a former professional snooker player, added that Jiahui’s loss of five frames on the trot may be due to inexperience. He remained optimistic about Jiahui’s chances, saying he still believes he’ll win, despite Brecel’s comeback.

The semi-final match between Jiahui and Brecel will continue today afternoon. The pair will play to a finish, and Jiahui will need to hold his nerve to avoid a massive upset. The snooker world will be watching with bated breath to see how this exciting match will unfold.

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