Jimmy White Criticizes Mark Allen’s Conversations with Mark Selby During World Snooker Championship Semi-Final

Jimmy White, a former snooker world number two, has criticized Mark Allen’s decision to have a conversation with Mark Selby before the resumption of their World Championship semi-final. The conversation took place during the mid-session interval on Friday afternoon when Allen was still in a good mood despite squandering a three-frame lead.

White questioned Allen’s tactics, as the player had a chance to be four frames ahead but instead engaged in a conversation with his opponent. White further stated that Selby would benefit more from the conversation than Allen, as Selby could use the conversation to boost his confidence.

The match took an interesting turn when the second session of the match began, with Selby stealing a frame from a snooker down, which resulted in him trailing 6-4. The conversation between Allen and Selby, along with referee Leo Scullion, had White confused, as he questioned why the players were chatting when they should be focusing on the game.

As there are two more remaining sessions left to play, we expect that this semi-final match could go either way. However, White thinks that Selby has the momentum, as he has managed to level the match at 6-6. White further stated that Allen is too experienced to panic but should have capitalized on his lead when he had the chance.

Resuming on Saturday morning, we are expecting these players to weigh each other up again, with the match hanging in the balance. As we are looking forward to the finals, people are already excited by the performance so far. Everyone is actually waiting to see who will carry the day and advance to the finals.

What we all believe is that no matter the outcome, this tournament will be one of the best and most closely contested matches in snooker history. For more interesting news and updates about snooker, you may visit https://snookers.pro/ and learn more!

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