Unrelenting Coughing from Audience Members Sparks Outrage During World Snooker Final at the Crucible

Criticism has been directed towards fans who were present at the World Snooker final held at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. This came after several displeased viewers took to social media to express their annoyance with the continuous coughing that could be heard from the audience during the second session on Sunday. The negative reaction has resulted in some individuals likening the final to a “doctor’s waiting room” and calling for the removal of the coughing audience members.

Mark Selby, a previous four-time winner, is currently competing against first-time finalist Luca Brecel for the 2023 title. However, the continuous coughing heard from the audience has been causing distractions for individuals watching the match on BBC. The audience’s persistent coughing has drawn unfavorable attention from viewers at home, prompting many to express their annoyance on social media.

A social media user expressed their frustration with the excessive coughing heard during the snooker match by tweeting, “The amount of coughing during the snooker tonight is ridiculous, doing my head in man.” Another viewer posed the question, “What’s with half of the crowd at the snooker coughing every four seconds?” In response, a third individual suggested that some audience members’ frequent coughing resembled those present in a hospital theatre and recommended they improve their unhealthy lifestyles. The comments made on social media were critical of the audience’s continuous coughing during the world snooker final.

The disturbance caused by the incessant coughing has left viewers feeling angry and calling for action to be taken against the audience members responsible. The distracting noise has caused some individuals to liken the World Snooker final to a doctor’s waiting room. The audience’s disruptive coughing has led to negative reactions from viewers, who are expressing their displeasure and hoping for a resolution to the situation.

Despite the disturbance caused by the audience’s coughing, the final itself is still generating excitement. On the final day’s play at The Crucible, Brecel had a 9-8 lead over Selby. However, it was Selby’s remarkable achievement on Sunday evening that had everyone talking. He became the first-ever player to hit a 147 in the World Snooker final, which immediately placed him back in contention for the title.

Although the game is thrilling, it’s evident that the noise emanating from the spectators is affecting the viewers. The fans desire a solution to resolve the issue and ensure that disruptive audience members are evicted from the event.

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