Mark Allen Backs Luca Brecel to triumph over Mark Selby in the Crucible final

Luca Brecel, a snooker player, has made it to the World Championship final for the very first time and has received the backing of another professional player, Mark Allen. Although Allen has cautioned Brecel about the impressive skills of his opponent Mark Selby, he also has confidence in Brecel’s ability to potentially come out as the winner.

Luca Brecel’s performance in the semi-final match against Si Jiahui was remarkable, as he made an incredible comeback from being down 14-5 to win 17-15 against the Chinese player, which indicates that he has the tenacity to recover from seemingly insurmountable odds.

In the match where Selby defeated Allen, the scoreline was also 17-15, although the game was much different, finishing late at night on the day of the final. The match spanned four sessions, with Allen putting up a good fight against Selby but unfortunately falling just short of winning.

Mark Allen acknowledged the formidable skills of Mark Selby on the snooker table, referring to him as a “monster.” However, in their match, Allen felt that he didn’t play up to his potential, making it easier for Selby to win.

Allen recognized that he needed to improve his performance to take charge of the game and prevent Selby from dominating.

Mark Allen is optimistic about Luca Brecel’s chances of winning the final, expressing that he has a strong likelihood of success. According to Allen, Brecel’s playing style is characterized by an attacking approach, which gives him an edge. However, Allen acknowledges that Mark Selby, Brecel’s opponent, is a seasoned player who always finds a way to succeed. Nonetheless, Allen’s backing of Brecel will surely provide him with a morale boost as he readies himself for the final.

As the World Championship final approaches, all eyes will be on Brecel and Selby. With the support of Allen, Brecel will undoubtedly give it his all in his first final. Will he emerge victorious, or will Selby’s experience and skill on the table prove too much for the young Belgian? Only time will tell.

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