Anthony McGill Advances to Quarter-Finals of Cazoo World Championship

For the third time in four years, Anthony McGill has secured a place in the Cazoo World Championship quarter-finals due to a 13-8 victory against Jack Lisowski. While Lisowski made an impressive comeback that brought him within three frames of winning, McGill was unwavering and was able to win the following two frames and guarantee his win. Now, he faces China’s Si Jiahui in the next round, needing just one more win to match his most successful Crucible performance.

In 2020, McGill advanced to the semi-finals and attributed his success to his ardor for the game and its stimulating nature. Speaking after the match, he expressed that “This is like being in a theater,” “Snooker brings forth the best kind of drama. I simply love it. If only more people could experience snooker in a theater like this, it would be a fantastic thing.”

On the other hand, Lisowski commended McGill for his performance, recognizing that the other competitor has the potential to take the tournament. Despite making a game of it, being down 10-1, Lisowski knew he needed to work on his strategy for the upcoming season. “Anthony was exceptional. Despite not giving the audience much to cheer for, that’s the only benefit I got from this experience,” he concluded.

With his eyes still on the prize, McGill remains intent on overcoming Si Jiahui, whom he recognizes as a premier competitor.

Speaking after the match, he argues that “If I’m going to make it to the championship, I must get through Jiahui first,.” In his concluding remarks, he said, “He is a top-notch player and I’m going to give all I’ve got, as I did in my first two matches.”

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