Mark Selby’s Epic Comeback and Crucible Magic

On Sunday, Mark Selby, a professional snooker player from England, made a remarkable comeback to stay in the running for the World Snooker Championship title against Luca Brecel from Belgium. In the first session, Selby was behind 6-2, but in the second session, he bounced back and displayed his exceptional potting skills, ultimately achieving a flawless 147 break.

During the opening session, Brecel took control with his flamboyant and aggressive playing style. However, in the second session, Selby made an impressive start by potting a 134 break, followed by a 96, to win three out of the first four frames. Although Brecel played an exceptional 99 in the 10th frame, Selby responded with consecutive half-centuries, which helped him regain a four-frame lead with a score of 9-5.

In the 16th frame of the match, Selby made a remarkable contribution, taking his turn at the table after Brecel had left a red ball close to the bottom corner pocket. Selby impressively used the rest for potting the final red ball and went on to clear all 15 reds and their respective black balls before finishing with the other colors. This was an extraordinary achievement and a moment to remember in the history of Crucible, as Selby became the 10th player to complete a total clearance at the Sheffield venue.

After Selby’s perfect break, the referee Brendan Moore congratulated Selby, who was also warmly embraced by Brecel. As a result of his 147 breaks, Selby is now set to share an additional £55,000 in prize money with Kyren Wilson, who also made a 147 earlier in the tournament. The prize money comprises £40,000 for the 147 breaks and £15,000 for the highest break in the tournament.

The group of players who have achieved this feat includes Stephen Hendry, Cliff Thorburn, Mark Williams, Jimmy White, Ali Carter, Neil Robertson, John Higgins, and Ronnie O’Sullivan. Additionally, Wilson also made a 147 in an earlier round of the tournament.

Selby’s accomplishment occurred four decades after the inaugural maximum at The Crucible, which was made by Cliff Thorburn in 1983. This historic event marked a significant moment in the sport, with just a few players managing to replicate it in the subsequent years.

Ken Doherty, the former world champion from 1997, who was also at the event, expressed his awe, saying, “Being present here and having a panoramic view of it was breathtaking. This was a time of pure magic in the history of the Crucible.”

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