Snooker’s Best Players Set to Converge in Manchester for Tour Championship

The world’s greatest snooker players will flock to Manchester Central on April 1st-7th, 2024, for the Tour Championship, the ultimate competition in the Players Series. Situated in the vibrant center of the city, this renowned venue guarantees an electrifying moment of world-class entertainment.

Pinpointing from reports shared on social media platforms, it will mark the first-ever snooker tournament to be held in the region in four years now.

A stellar lineup of the twelve highest-ranked players in the annual standings will gather for the Tour Championship, with the total prize fund setting a new record of £500,000.

As reported, the top four players will land themselves in the quarterfinals, while the rest eight will consider a head-to-head contest in the preliminary round.

On March 30th and 31st, 2024, the World Mixed Doubles tournament will be held at Manchester Central, complementing the Tour Championship. This occasion highlights snooker’s distinction among other major sports, wherein male and female athletes have the chance to compete equally and will boast the highest caliber of male and female players.

As said in the reports, the tickets for the tournaments on 26th April are anticipated to be in extremely high demand; therefore, if you are a fan looking forward to visiting the tournaments, you are advised to consider securing a seat early to avoid disappointment. Manchester Central is a highly acclaimed events center with a proud 140-year-long heritage, making it a popular destination throughout the region.

ITV and several international networks are ready to deliver complete coverage of both events. The tournament will offer a memorable experience for all snooker fans in one of the UK’s most lively cities. Spectators will have the chance to observe the world’s premier players at Manchester Central. Get ready to witness a fantastic week of top-class snooker! To get more snooker news and updates, visit https://snookers.pro/.

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