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PERI vs. OMIN VICTORY Snooker Cue Comparison

1. PERI 57″ Eastern Charming Snooker Pool Cue Stick

2. Omin Snooker Cue with Case

  • Price: $257.78 (51% off from the original price of $526.08)
  • Description: The Omin Snooker Cue is a professional billiard cue that comes with a case. It’s available in different tip diameters.
  • Cue Tip Diameter Options: 9.5mm, 10mm
  • Link: Omin Snooker Cue with Case

Features Comparison:

Feature PERI 57″ Eastern Charming Omin Snooker Cue
Price $329.14 $257.78
Cue Tip Diameter 10.5mm 9.5mm, 10mm
Brand Not specified Omin
Additional Accessories Extender + Case Set Case


Both cues offer unique features and are priced differently. The PERI 57″ Eastern Charming cue is slightly more expensive but comes with an extender and a case set. On the other hand, the Omin Snooker Cue offers flexibility in choosing the cue tip diameter and is more affordable. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

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