Alan McManus criticizes Luca Brecel’s tactics against Ronnie O’Sullivan at World Snooker Championship

Former snooker player and current commentator Alan McManus has criticized Luca Brecel’s “hit-and-hope” tactics against Ronnie O’Sullivan in their World Snooker Championship quarter-final match. O’Sullivan won the session 10-6, but Brecel made him work hard for it.

In the press conference after the match, McManus commented that “I was not fond of the moves Brecel had attempted. His attempts seemed to rely on luck, and we could witness shots that were done blindly instead of strategic and meticulous moves necessary to contend with someone of Ronnie’s caliber”.

McManus commended O’Sullivan for his fortitude despite Brecel’s aggressive tactics. “Although Ronnie wasn’t at his peak, he stayed determined and took advantage of Brecel’s blunders when it mattered,” he added.

McManus, champion of the 1994 Masters and a semi-finalist in the 1992 and 2016 World Championships, observed that Brecel is a talented player who requires further development to master the strategy needed to be successful in top-level matches instead of relying on luck.

In the aftermath of the match, O’Sullivan expressed his opinion on Brecel’s style of play, noting that while it was quite aggressive, there were times when it could end up harming him. To counter, O’Sullivan simply had to be persistent and bide his time until the right opportunity presented itself, confident that if he kept the pressure up, Brecel would eventually make a blunder. As he continues to strive for an eighth-world title, this is a tactic that he surely won’t forget.

The showdown between O’Sullivan and Brecel was among the most anticipated matches of the competition due to both players’ acclaimed offense and creative shots. Unfortunately, Brecel’s valiant try wasn’t enough to stop O’Sullivan from asserting his expertise and experience to clinch the win.

The World Snooker Championship commences today, with the winner ready to progress to the semi-finals. You can learn more about Snooker’s exciting trends by visiting https://snookers.pro/ today!

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